Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Basement Bird Watching

Last Friday night started out as your typical, run-of-the-mill start to the weekend. I'd fed the horses dinner, Mojo caught up with me on my way to the house from the barn, and we wandered into the basement together, where I could take off my boots and coat, and Mojo could have his own dinner.

Neither one of us ever expected what would follow. Nor did Matt, who was on the train on his way home from NYC. The frantic text I sent him elicited the response, "Oh, this should be good."

Just as I was closing the basement door, both Mojo and I heard a "flap flap flap!" coming from above the washer. We both stared at the ceiling, wondering what that noise could possibly be. After another few "flap!" noises, a tiny little sparrow dropped out of the insulation in the ceiling and onto the overhead light.

I thought, "How on Earth did a bird get in the basement?!"

Mojo thought, "DINNER!"

I opened up the basement door and began the process of shooing the sparrow back outside. Here's the thing. We have a really. Big. Basement.

10 minutes later, Birdie was back over the washing machine again. So was Mojo, who had scaled the shelving next to the washer. Amidst my screams of horror, Mojo chased Birdie into the ceiling, and came back out of the ceiling....with Birdie in his mouth.

Well, you have to admit, he's very handy sometimes. One more ear piercing scream from me convinced Mojo to let go of Birdie, spitting him out. Birdie flopped from the top shelf to the teeny nook behind the washing machine.

There's my assistant, still with feathers in his mouth, planning his attack to get his Friday Night Appetizer.

I used my handy camera to check a) where Birdie was and b) if Birdie was still alive.

He's upright! And, he's tucked way back there. How would I get him out of there?!

I kicked Mojo out of the basement much to his dismay, and then I went upstairs for reinforcements.

A big, crisp glass of wine.

The wine and I went back down to the basement, ready to take on the next task at hand. Moving the washing machine.

It says it's heavy duty. It's just plain heavy.

Despite my attempts, I couldn't get Birdie out from behind the washing machine. So the wine and I went back upstairs, to see if he'd hop out on his own, or Matt got home to help me fish him out, whichever came first.

15 minutes later, I went back downstairs, and saw a little brown creature hop past me and towards the water buckets. He was out!

He decided it would be fun to get back at Mojo for trying to eat him, and promptly went to go poop in Mojo's food bowl. I kid you not.

The next 10 minutes involved me chasing Birdie back and forth in front of the open basement door, encouraging him to go back outside. "Go towards the sounds of nature!" I said. Hop, hop, chirp, hop hop....back and forth.

Just as I was about to go upstairs for more wine, he seemed to notice the door was open. And so he hopped out into the evening air, as if he were on an evening stroll, stargazing. I knew Mojo had to be nearby - Birdie would have to get to flying, and fast.

So I chased him around the driveway (with, yes, wine in hand, it was Happy Hour, after all!), and eventually, he took off, to the top of the tree that shades our covered porch.

Matt was just so disappointed that he missed all the excitement. He was not excited at having to move the washing machine back into place. But hey, it's just another wild Friday night at TMF.


offtrackthoroughbreds.com said...

Did you just have another bird in your basement? It's Wild Kingdom!
Anyway, what a funny story. It read like the start of a novel, and I wanted to keep on reading.
And you remind me that if the going gets tough, there's an unopened bottle of fortification somewhere.
Congratulations on handling the entire scenario before Matt got home, and the cat had an evening snack!

Catherine said...

Imagine being a tiny little bird...looking up...and seeing...a tall, blonde, wine-buzzed, female shouting "go toward the sounds of nature." Funny stuff, KC. :-)