Monday, May 23, 2011

The Best Kind of Cookie

I love cookies. Chocolate chip, oatmeal molasses, butter cookies, sugar cookies....

There are actually some chocolate chip cookies sitting in my kitchen. It was a real struggle to choose yogurt over cookies for breakfast this morning.

The cookies I'm talking about today don't have any calories though, and won't add to your waistline. They will, however, add panache, polish, and bring joy to your day. I'm talking about the latest Cookie Lee Jewelry! Let's face it. We're all tightening the grip on our wallets, and luxuries, shopping sprees, and outings to the mall are becoming things of the past. But by adding a few statement pieces, you can dress up the wardrobe you already have without breaking the budget. Gifts for friends? Consider it taken care of. At these prices, you'll love the bang for your buck, and your friends will love you for giving them something so chic!

It's super easy to pick out a few items for yourself or for gifts. All you do is click here, head to my site, and off you go! You can shop directly from my web page, or you can get in touch with me directly and let me know what items you'd like. Credit cards are a-ok!

Just because I can't help myself, here are a few pieces I just love!

The Turquoise Strands Necklace is absolutely perfect. Pair it with a white or black top and you're ready to run errands or out for cocktails. Added bonus: You can wear this necklace seven ways. Seven ways!

Yes, I thought that should be repeated.
If you're going with the Turquoise Strands, finish the look off with the Turquoise Cabochon Ring. What a gorgeous pop of color, no?
I love this necklace, too. It's called the Pure Blush Necklace, and it can also be worn several ways. The palest of pinks just reminds me of the peonies in my wedding bouquet, and it adds a softened polish to whatever you're wearing.

The Floating Crystal Earrings below are so simple that I can't keep my eyes off them, and I can't recall if I've ordered a pair for myself or not. If not, I'm going to - like, today. They go with everything and are just so clean and fresh.

If you're more into earth tones, the Sea Vibe Bracelets (necklace also available!) are a great addition to your wardrobe. I love that these aren't big or clunky (I can't deal with things knocking around on my arms), and these are light. Every time I wear them, someone notices them.

If you see me around horses, you'll see me in these Antique Elegance Hoop earrings. I love them. Love them! (Why do I repeat things when I'm talking about jewelry?) I'm all about an antique look, and these do just that, and yet they won't get in the way while wearing a helmet. These are fabulous every day earrings that just give you a hint of glitz.

I love glitz.

To go with the earrings, the Eternity Links Necklace is where it's at. Not too big (so it won't distract me while riding) but totally adjustable, so it can lie close to your neck or convert to a longer necklace.
Last but not least, I'm a sucker for fun, dangly earrings. I'm totally wearing these Luminous Jet Earrings for a night out. Soon.
So take a look (if you didn't see the link the first two times, look out, here it is again!), and grab a little something special for yourself or someone you love. In all honesty, any sale helps us, and helps our horses - whether it's a lesson or schooling session for Zeus and I, or the prescription medication that Topaz needs for her Cushings Disease. I'm lucky that fun, gorgeous jewelry that lasts plays a part in keeping our dreams at TMF alive!

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