Friday, May 6, 2011

Course Building, Home Depot Style

On Wednesday, due to the rain I had an unplanned day off. I decided it was high time to get moving on creating some more challenging jumps than what we already had, so off we went to Home Depot, to get the creative juices flowing. Time for some Arts & Crafts!

When we got back, armed with spray paint, regular paint, and visions of Zeus sailing effortlessly through the air, I got to work!

Today, a bunch of my painted jump poles (landscape timbers according to Home Dept, $3.97 apiece) made their way to the ring for us to begin working with. Zeus loved how some of them came in our colors.
Actually, that color is the exact same blue as our dining room. What a coincidence! Nah, not really. It's the leftover paint from our dining room.

This next one I am really very proud of. A plastic garden lattice, $12.99 at Home Depot, with some newly painted jump poles (Lime green, my mom's favorite color - henceforth known as the Mom Lattice Jump), makes for a challenge to a youngster. It looks weird, it's semi-solid, and he could easily choose to not jump it. However, with Zeus' enthusiasm, I somehow think he'll be able to manage this.

We did the blue poles on the ground today, and Zeus sailed over them without a care in the world. So now it's on to incorporating those poles into a new-ish looking jump. It's 2'3'' at this height, and he'll be jumping about 3+ inches higher within 2 weeks.

While I brought in the poles and figured out where the jumps were going to go in the ring, Zeus would wander by, check everything out, and go back to his grass. You'll notice he's in a suit of armor against the bugs - he loves his fly mask and fly sheet!

Tune in soon to see what happens. Hopefully, a jump or two might be caught on camera!


Aislinn said...

Wow, KC. Those are some serious arts and craft projects. Nice work. I can't wait to hear about Zeus leaping over them. Yikes!

Catherine said...

Your jumps look fantastic! And your grass is so green!