Friday, May 20, 2011

Thrills and Spills

The deluge of rain the past few days has finally ended. I think. I'm still watching the radar like a hawk, as I hear distant rumbles of thunder. Thunder is ok, but we cannot handle another drop of rain!

The past few days, I've taken Zeus out on a new road - Weil Road. It's a gorgeous dirt road with few houses, no crazy dogs running out to get you, and a lovely lake that borders the road on both sides at one point. Zeus and I had gone out solo a few times and he'd done so well, trotting, cantering, and walking home calmly after our adventures.
This map gives you some idea of the layout. What are the icons on there? You'll find out. Meanwhile, the our house!

Yesterday, I convinced Matt to join me out on trail, just for fun and because it would do us all good to get out for a bit and enjoy the lull in the rain. He agreed, we tacked up the boys, and off we went!

It all started innocently enough. There we were, strolling down the dirt lane, had a nice little trot up a hill, and we were coming up on the best part - the lake views! I was so excited, I brought my cell phone along to take a photo, which was the original plan for this blog entry.

We should all know by now that those original ideas have a way of flying out the window when those boys Zeus and Siggy are involved.

As we came down the hill, with the lake on our left, Zeus was in the lead with Siggy close behind. Luckily, my phone was in my pocket when a hawk or an eagle (happened too quickly to figure out which) swooped down from the trees right in front of us, to catch a fish he spotted in the lake. Zeus jumped, but Siggy took Zeus' spook to the next level, and wheeled around so quickly that Matt was unseated (he admits he wasn't paying much attention at the time and was caught off guard). A valiant effort of hanging on was fruitless, and Matt decided in his head, "Well this isn't really worth it," so he let go and plopped down on the dirt road on his rear end. (See red "splat" icon on map above.)

Sounds like an adventure, right? We're not done yet.

Matt happened to fall right in front of Zeus, and because we can't do anything in a calm manner, Siggy thought it would be a great time to hightail it down the road, back towards home! So he's off, stirrups flapping in the breeze, around the corner and out of sight.

Don't forget about Matt still on the ground, totally fine, but don't really want to be there. In front of Zeus. When his partner in crime just ran off into the sunset without him.

It's in those moments of insane panic when my mind goes absolutely quiet and my instincts take over. I gave Zeus his head, and he leaped right over Matt. If I'd pulled on him, there was a chance he could have hung a leg and stepped on him, and I had visions of Matt on the dirt road with a hoofprint in his abdomen if I messed this one up. Matt and I locked eyes while Zeus and I were in midair, and his face of wonder and shock will be stuck in my head for a long time!

Ok, Matt didn't look like that while we jumped over him, but you get the point. Moreover, what on Earth are these guys thinking!?

As soon as we cleared him, Zeus was off, like we were back at the races. I was able to slow him enough to look back and see Matt not only up, but jogging after me. I bellowed, "Don't run! I'll get Siggy!" and off we went at breakneck speed.

We finally caught up to him about halfway back, and he hung a right into someone's driveway. I corralled him with Zeus just as Matt came around the corner on foot. I thought, "Whew!"

Siggy, not so much. He saw Matt coming, faked left, went right, and zoomed back out onto the road again, bucking and having a marvelous time playing this new game!

We were off again after him, and caught up not long after, where he veered off into yet another driveway (and here I am, praying he doesn't poop on anyone's lawn or create any divots). Zeus had tired of this game and was anxious to just walk home with his buddy or open up and really boogie, neither of which were happening. After a few moments of "You can't catch me!" from Siggy, Matt and I finally smushed him in a corner of the property and Matt was able to get ahold of the reins. The unicorn icon in the map above is where we finally caught the equine fugitive. Sorry, I couldn't find a riderless horse anywhere.

We trudged home (except Zeus, who pranced), and then Matt thought he might need to be looked at by a doctor. I got this photo a little later in the day.


My brave, humorous husband is a little sore today, but he handled his first fall from a horse with ease and his usual casual remarks, like, "At least I know how to fall." He wandered around the house yesterday saying, "I fell off a horse today. I fell off a horse today." He was trying out how it sounded.

I thought he might be a little apprehensive to get back on after all that. A mere 4 hours later, he was looking in a local paper and said, "Oh, here's a hunter pace about 30 minutes away on June 5th. I'll ride in it!"

Oh, how I love that man.


hailey said...

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Aislinn said...

Yikes, KC, what a story! Matt, you rule! Get back on that horse. Me...well, I'll just stick to the ring.