Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saddle Up!

I have been completely remiss in blogging for the entire month of June. Sadly, I have no excuse other than, well, it's summer. If I'm not in bed and asleep, I'm running amok, riding horses, teaching lessons, and generally having no life that doesn't involve a pitchfork or chaps.

Luckily for me, I have some wonderful friends who not only understand when I can't call them back, or if my emails are one sentence long, but these friends also add a whole new dimension to our lives here at TMF. Like Cat Evans.

I've known Cat for roughly two years now, and I am constantly in awe of her wisdom, intelligence, and sense of humor. What I've learned most recently about her is that she comes from a family that values mentoring, as her father mentored members of the community and Cat has followed suit.

Now, even though she's all the way in California, she has reached out to me and has helped me develop and moreover support what I think is one of the best ideas to come out of our little town of Wingdale. Through some brainstorming and many excited emails, we are so proud to announce....

What is it? It's a chance for a child in our area to learn to ride who may not otherwise be able to afford the cost of lessons. One child each month will be chosen to receive four lessons at no cost to them. At the end of the four weeks, they can choose to continue the lessons at a discounted rate.

We have always looked for ways to give back to our local community, and I never imagined that someone from so far away would be the catalyst to get such an ingenious opportunity rolling in motion. Because of Cat, kids in this area will get a chance to discover horses.

Do you have a child who might like to ride? Or do you know someone who has a child who could benefit from this? Send them a link to this blog, or click the link above. We also have the application available on the TMF website.

I can't finish this entry without sending a huge virtual hug and a thank you to Cat, without whom this couldn't be possible. Not only is she a mentor for these lucky kids...she's also a mentor to me.


Ann said...

Bravo, Cat! Brilliant idea, KC! What a great way for TMF to pay it forward. I wish you much success with this program.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to be working with KC on this, though we're about 3,000 miles apart. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with KC. It must have been fate! -Cat