Thursday, June 23, 2011

Southern Belles & Wedding Bells

Last weekend, Matt and I left TMF in the very capable hands of our friend Carla, drove to Newark, and hopped a plane headed south.

It was off to the Knoxville, TN area for the Wedding of the Year!

That's right - Matt's brother Jeff finally decided to settle down with a lovely southern belle by the name of Wendy. I adore Wendy because she adores animals, and actually makes a living by rescuing dogs people no longer want, and finds them great homes. We need more people like Wendy.

It was expected to be wickedly hot, and it actually was quite lovely - even though it rained a good portion of our stay! But, the clouds cleared and the sun came out just in time for the nuptials. Good thing, since the ceremony was held outdoors!

And now, a photo montage for your viewing pleasure:
My nephew CJ, niece Hannah, and nephew/ godson Jackson. I find it slightly hilarious that there's a sign that says "WEDDING!" with an arrow behind them. Really? I thought they were heading for some NFL tryouts or something in those getups.

Here's awesome hubby Matt with Mom-in-Law Kathi. We heard all about "the last wedding," which happened to be ours, the photographer was busy taking photos of the church windows and the carpet and stuff that he forgot to take photos of the moms coming down the aisles (I can see my own mom nodding her head in agreement while reading this!). So Kathi requested that someone please please please take a photo of her coming down the aisle with Matt. You'll notice sis-in-law Ba also whipping out the camera, so pretty much our entire side of the aisle was going all paparazzi in order to capture this moment. Don't you just love her hat, by the way?
Ahhh, happiness. I love it. The bride admitted to being really nervous, but as soon as she reached the end of the aisle, all was well. These two even cracked some jokes up there and seemed to really enjoy the ceremony, which of course made the rest of us enjoy the ceremony.
One of Wendy's dogs was also a guest at the wedding, as well as an honorary flower girl/ angel/ pup of honor. Mya was a very good girl and while she was interested in snuffling/ eating the flowers and not terribly interested in sitting still, she was an essential member of the wedding party.

And she ate all the chicken fingers the kids didn't want at the reception. Now that's not being wasteful, way to go Mya!
The vows. Too cute. The minister looks like he's plotting a bank robbery.
Smooches! These two do not take passion lightly, let me tell you.

Oh! And the minister is off and running, exit stage right!

I realized once we got home that it doesn't even look like I attended. There are no photos of me! How could I forget to get a photo, of myself, in Tennessee? I was so busy taking pictures of everyone and everything else. Ah well. I think the professional photographer got some pictures, so we'll soon have proof that I was, in fact, there!

Some other fun stuff from TN:
I love that they call that run-down pile of wood a "mall."

There was a strip of road, I think in Pigeon Forge, that was like a mini Vegas without the gambling. It was the most peculiar thing - one moment there are cows, shanties and antique tractors, the next moment you come upon this.
I have no idea what's in there. Or if it's right side up.
And somehow the Titanic managed to make its way to Pigeon Forge. Oh look! There I am! In the side mirror!
The Titanic just isn't complete without a glacier and water splashing at the front of it.

Evidently, the Hatfields and the McCoys have since made up and taken their drama on the road, and are now making one heck of a profit. Good for them, I say!
One of the best things about our trip, aside from spending some quality time with family, was the view from the gorgeous (and giant) log cabin we stayed in. Purdy.
Ok, so maybe the term "cabin" doesn't apply. Log mansion? I also like this photo, with the view and Hannah and CJ on the couch, detoxing from the wedding excitement.

Good times in Tennessee. And congratulations to Wendy and Jeff!


Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the 'log mansion'...but I gotta tell ya', your 'commentary' on the driving by things cracked me up. The big house "I don't know what's in there or if it's right side up"....that's funny! Mom and Dad have been to Pigeon Forge, I do believe that's home of Dollywood? Anyway, Congratulations to Jeff and Wendy, have a great weekend. Renee :)

Aislinn said...

Love the pics and the stories that go with them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Renee and Aislinn, your photo-commentary had me rolling...especially about the minister! So funny! Glad you had a great time and many good wishes to the bride and groom. -Cat

Anonymous said...

I can only post as "anonymous" now. My therapist is going to have a field day! -Cat