Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Tadpole Relocation Project

Let me start off this post by saying....we are suckers.

Big time.

We are now deep in the throes of summer. Do you remember all those whiny posts earlier in the year about all the snow? And then the rain?

Well, all of that water accumulated and resulted in a miniature pond at the lowest point in one of our fields.
"Oh darn, left my snorkel back in the barn again..."

Topaz loves to make a cameo.

Anyway, that little pond was much bigger a few weeks ago, but with the sunshine and warm temperatures, it began to shrink. It wasn't until the size got smaller that I decided to wander over and check it out.

And there were little living creatures in it.

Tadpoles had taken up residence in there, and their negligent parent frogs had just left them in there to essentially roast in the sun. We're talking hundreds upon hundreds of tadpoles, swimming everywhere! Matt said, "What are we going to do? We can't just leave them in there to boil!"

Like I said, we are suckers. Enter buckets and a few fish nets from my days of tropical fish.
"I'm going in!"

We're ready!

Here are the little darlings (ew) swimming around in a bucket, no idea how close they were to perishing. You're welcome.
The Tadpole Taj Mahal

We moved them to our little mini stream that runs through the back of the field, where they'd be free to stick around or float their way down to a bigger pond/ stream that then folds into the Ten Mile River.
Arrivederci, little guys!

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