Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Eventer Husband's Coming of Age

We are lucky enough to live in a mecca of eventing (which my husband hears me blather on about all the time). We have Kent School 10 minutes away, Millbrook and Fitch's Corner less than 30 minutes away, Town Hill and Riga Meadow less than an hour away, and a myriad of other events in the 2-3 hour distance range.

Husband is not as impressed as I am. Clearly, this is a problem. It is my mission in life to remedy that.

Next weekend, one of the most prestigious events in Area I will take place - the Millbrook Horse Trials. Advanced through Beginner Novice....paradise. And it's a shorter drive to get to Millbrook than it is to get to our local grocery store.

It's all about priorities, folks.

I'm practically swooning over the fact that I can share this experience with my new-to-eventing husband, to answer all of his questions, to walk the course (filled with perfumed flowers and wine stations) holding hands....

Nah. I'm just excited to scare him to death.

See, here's my plan. I'm going to get him up in the wee hours with promises of egg sandwiches, just in time to watch the Advanced riders run cross country. I may have to bring a muzzle or one of those "Quiet!" signs they use for golf to hold up when a rider comes through, because I can absolutely hear him bellowing, "Holy &^%$!"

After watching that, how can any course that I ride seem that intimidating?

When I started searching through the Omnibus for events to enter with Zeus this year, he asked questions that made complete sense to him. But me? Well, I laughed hysterically over most of them.

For example:
Husband: So you have to do all three phases?
Me: Yes.
Husband: In one day?
Me: Sometimes.
Husband: Can't you just do the jumping part? I mean, the dressage doesn't seem all that fun.
Me: You have to ride dressage before you can get to the jumping.
Husband: Well, if you don't like dressage can you just drop your score? Like, best out of three?
Me: Oh man. This is going to take awhile.

Or, the Friday before Riga Meadow....
Me: So tomorrow, I have to teach a lesson, ride, walk the course, then bathe and braid Zeus and if we can squeeze in grocery shopping...
Husband: What? Did you say....walk the course? We have to drive there two days in a row?!
Me: Yes. You walk the cross country course the day before the event.
Husband: Can't you just look at the numbers on the jumps as you're galloping?
Me: Um, no. You need to know where you're going.
Husband: Do I need to walk it too? Like, in case you forget it or something?

And the finale, as I'm out at the barn at 10 PM, braiding:
Husband: Wow. That's going to take a long time.
Me: Why?
Husband: Your horse has a neck like a giraffe. See you in the morning!

All this being said, I can't tell you how proud I am of that city guy I married. He has become a fantastic groom, is interested in the sport, humors me when I say, "Come over here and check out this video from Eventing Nation!", and (wait, you're going to be way impressed), can identify Mark Todd (that tall guy), William Fox-Pitt (that really tall guy from England), Boyd Martin and Phillip Dutton.

So if you happen to see a blonde woman waving one of these around the cross country course at Millbrook next Saturday...

Yeah. We're those people.


Anonymous said...

Hi KC, best of luck to you & Zeus. And what a great hubby! :)
Happy Eventing.

Anonymous said...

Tell Matt I found his questions perfectly reasonable. Glad you're both having fun! -Cat

Sapphire said...

LMAO!!! I can totally picture him asking/saying these things. "Neck like a giraffe".....oh man :D!!!