Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Clearing

We made it. Whew!

In all actuality, the storm was kind to us. While there is a lot of flooding around us with the Ten Mile River, various streams and creeks, and the many power lines down (2500 or so), we were prepared and managed quite well.
Saturday afternoon the rain began. It rained in earnest once darkness fell, and continued well into Sunday afternoon. There were a few gusts of wind that made us hold our breath, along with flickering lights...and then things quieted down. We thought we were out of the woods and were quite frankly shocked that our power was still on and working. We had white water rapids in our lower field, but it was expected and receded in a matter of hours.
A few hours later as darkness fell again on Sunday night, the winds began to wail. Just as we discussed what we wanted to have for dinner (from the already-prepared foods I made in case the power went out), the lights flickered, dimmed, and then were gone.

"Oh, MAN!" I heard from the living room.

But we were prepared. Candles and a board game became our entertainment, and we slept well with the hum of neighborhood generators acting as our noise machine.

24 hours later our power returned. We feel very fortunate, as we have friends nearby who are still without power due to the downed power lines and snapped trees.

Now that the storm is behind us, it's time to look ahead to Fall, and the next big thing: the King Oak Horse Trials for Zeus and I, being held next weekend. It's crunch time!

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