Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet My Arsenal

In the wake of yesterday's post, I am busily getting ready for the weekend. We feel really prepared and while there's still much to do, we're in a good place.

I wanted to share some of our must-have items.
1. Black Beauty
This puppy can hold about 50 gallons of water - necessary if we are out of power for a few days. Most people don't know how much water a horse requires - let alone four of them. This will be filled, along with several other jugs, buckets etc.

2. R2-D2
Mom and Dad happened to have a second wet/ dry vac, and just because I mentioned that we might go buy one, Mom said, "Oh gee, come take ours!" I think it's older than I am. But it works. So in case of basement flooding, R2-D2 will come to the rescue.

3. Bucket Bonanza
They kind of speak for themselves. Lots of water storage!

4. Oscar the Grouch
So I went to Walmart today, thinking I could get everything before the hysteria started. Guess what? They told me they "just don't carry raincoats." Well thanks, Walmart, way to go! Luckily, with R2-D2 came a raincoat of mom's that I remember her wearing when I was a little girl. I imagine little children seeing me wander around the neighborhood will think Shrek or Oscar the Grouch is approaching, but if it keeps me dry, what do I care?

5. Rachel!
Rachel is our August Saddle Up Scholarship recipient, and she came over today to help move jump poles and get things like buckets ready! Isn't that fantastic? She was a huge help with some not so glamorous jobs.

So there you have it. We are buckling down and shutting the gates at noon tomorrow, just like the NYC transit system. Be ready - we will be.

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Anonymous said...

Be safe! See you on the 'other side' of Irene! xo Renee