Monday, August 8, 2011

Millbrook Recap

Saturday, Matt and I went to the Millbrook Horse Trials to watch the Advanced riders go, and to walk the course. As predicted, Matt then looked at some Beginner Novice fences and said, "Psh. That's nothin." My plan worked!

It did backfire a tiny bit, and I realized it when he looked at a few Advanced jumps and said, "I bet Zeus could do these."

One step at a time, babe. Although he did jump our ring gate which was 5'1'', so technically, yes, Zeus could do those.


I think one of Matt's favorite jumps was a max width table, fence 11 on course.

The height isn't so bad.

It's the spread. Matt said, "I think Jesus had the Last Supper at this table."

After the table, he was so astounded by it that he needed to take a break. This bench was a lovely spot, it even had pillows for your comfort.

Matt loved seeing the Big Guns - Phillip, Boyd, Doug, Karen, Buck....and cheering them on by name. Because you know, we just call them by their first names around our house. There was a minor tantrum when I told him Boyd trotted right past me to the start box on Neville Matt was elsewhere.

But all of that being said, the best way to show you some amazing riding is by the little montage I put together this morning. I should be more productive, but I'm going out to ride 2 horses now. Promise.



Alisha said...

Very impressive Kc! You are getting good at those videos!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Wow. Thanks for sharing, KC. Have a great day. Renee.