Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hubs

I's time to give Matt a fancy blog name.

I've envied other blogesses who call their husbands by these cool monikers. The Pioneer Woman calls her main squeeze Marlboro Man. It makes sense, he's a rancher. I saw another blog where the writer called her husband Coach. I love that. Another is Fletch, although I'm not sure if that's the guy's real name. My dad is not called Grandpa by my niece Emily, he's called Chief. I came up with that gem.

Speaking of you know he ran for political office in our old hometown years ago, and he ran as The Husband? My mom was a columnist and she only referred to him as The Husband in her columns. And he won.

But it's time. It's time to make Matt more than the Husband, or Matt, or the Hubs. He deserves something better. Something that people at events will shout across a field when they see him. "Hey, Discobuns!" or something like that. Although he would probably divorce me if he was known in the event world as Discobuns.

But I would giggle a little. Every time.

Matt's a lot more than a husband, though. He's a great support that I couldn't live (or afford to have my horses or this life) without. He helps me with night check, seven nights a week. And only complains when Siggy bonks him in his eagerness to get goodnight carrots. Or when Topaz tries to eat him. And he's an essential groom that helps wrangle an overexcited Zeus, or wanders away with him to graze in the best possible spot while I run around setting up tack and finding my medical armband. He's the one who last night, as I fretted about balancing an eventual family and my own selfish goals of going up the eventing ranks with Zeus who said, "You won't lose your goals or your drive. I won't let you, and that awesome horse out there won't let you. Especially since he runs to the fence line and whinnies at you every time you walk out the door."

But that's because I let Zeus do this.
He's eating our front lawn. Free landscaping! Yes, Zeus gets to roam the nice lawn and eat his heart out when Matt's not home.

So what name would you give Matt? He's a coach, groom, sugar daddy and garbage taker-outer.
And he takes great care of both of us. Me and Zeus, I mean.

I also can't forget to mention that he makes one hell of an omelet.

There's nothing I love more than a good nickname. What do you think?


Suzanne said...

Awwww... I love it! Can't help you with a nickname unless I meet him personally... my animals and friends develope them over time... Jonah (aka the Convict and Chandler Bing (aka Lil' G Pirate).

I am fond of Main Squeeze or Head Honcho...

lizzieblue said...

How about "My Beekeeper?" He keeps all the bees in your bonnet! Also, he has the costume.

Anonymous said...

FireStarter! UntzMaker! DJ-HorseyDance!

tee hee :)

samihob said...

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Aislinn said...

I loved reading this entry!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here are my nickname ideas:

Honcho (as Suzanne mentioned)
Stable Hunk
Farmboy (like in Princess Bride)
Studhubby or Studhub
Copilot (or Captain)
Super Spouse

Love, Cat

Arliss said...

I love this post! And I love the idea of a neat nickname for your wonderful hubby. I tend toward something short and iconic -- perhaps along the lines of "Chief" and "Coach" that you mentioned, which are both great. Hmm ... I don't know, but here are a few to toss into the ring:

The Boss
The Duke

Will keep my thinking cap on! xoxo

Arliss said...

Oh! -- and Atticus Finch, or just Atticus, just because it's one of my favorite character names ever, and is pretty cool, like Matt. :)

Katie Murphy Eventing said...

So, you probably know what I'm going to do the first time I meet him. I'll somehow finagle "discobuns" into the conversation. Though I'm sure Roger will have something embarrassing to share about me as well - heaven knows the list keeps growing.