Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joy in Fall

This weekend was the official start (right?) of Fall. I used to loathe fall when I was younger. It meant back to school time. Cold. Dark mornings waiting for the bus.

As I got older, fall meant hunter paces, great events with incredible foliage and crisp weather, and the approach of my most favorite holiday - Christmas!

I was talking with a student the other day and mentioned the fact that I work so hard in the fall so I can eat my weight in Christmas cookies in the winter, and not feel guilty.

But the Fall season in it's own way demands homage. Like when I bite into a local NY Macintosh apple and it's crunchy, sweet and outstanding. Like when student Alan brings fresh carrots from his local farmer's market. Giving the horses a warm mash for dinner and just hearing the satisfaction from their slurps and enjoying the lack of flies vying for space in the barn.

I think Siggy showed his love of fall one bright and chilly morning last week. Everyone else had already wandered out to the field after breakfast, and Siggy, after getting every last morsel of his grain, wandered out as well. He stopped. He looked around, as if checking to see if anyone was watching him (evidently, I don't count). Then he let out a huge squeal of joy and leaped off all four feet at once, hopping, twisting and cavorting his way out to the field.
Siggy loves fall. I think I do too.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Siggy! I Love the fall, too! :) Have a great day. xo Renee

lizzieblue said...

fall is my favorite! And you know I'm with you there on christmas love, but in my head, fall ends with christmas :) (winter starts with new years and my birthday!)

Suzanne said...

Loved it..