Thursday, September 22, 2011

Open Wide

I have a confession to make.

I hate the dentist.

Like, absolutely loathe, would rather eat brussel sprouts for a week, no-you-can't-make-me hate the dentist. Our dentist is a lovely lady, don't get me wrong. But...yeah. Anyway.

Matt has been bugging me to make a dentist appointment for a few weeks. So I finally caved. Aren't you proud?

But, the dentist wasn't for me! Maybe you saw that one coming.

Every year, the horses need their teeth checked out and "floated." Basically, floating is the art of filing down the sharp ridges and edges on a horse's teeth so they are smooth and flat, ensuring a horse that can eat happily and hold a bit in its mouth without pain. You see, a horse's tooth grows continuously through their lifetime, so floating their teeth actually helps them maintain a healthy mouth, gums and appetite.

Brian Stuart, who I've known for a long time, came to visit TMF today with his game face on. Everyone - Zeus, Topaz, Siggy and Snoopy were all in for a treat. Well, not really. But they thoroughly enjoyed their dinners this evening with their comfortable mouths!
Brian does what's called traditional dentistry - it's all done by hand.
Literally. (I feel like he's going to pull a Mary Poppins and produce a floor lamp or loveseat out of Siggy's mouth!) By the way, Siggy is sporting a speculum - a fancy little device that keeps his mouth open so Brian can go hunting around in there without having his arm gnawed off.
Everyone was very well behaved - Snoopy seemed to be dozing through most of his floating session - and they're all resting easy tonight.
Zeus asked Brian if he could get some diamonds put on his teeth. He wants a grill that all of his homies would be envious of.

To learn more about traditional equine dentistry, head over to Brian's site for some good information. And think about it. That little metal hook thing your dentist comes after you with isn't as bad as ten giant files, right?


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Brian stuart said...

It was great to see you and to meet Matt. The horses were a pleasure. Thanks for making me look like a movie star ;-)