Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Letdown...or is it?

Way back in the day, I was really involved in theatre. Musical theatre to be specific, but I loved it. The camaraderie, the music, the rush of a live audience waiting to find out what happens next. The cast always became a family, and was usually not without its fair share of trysts backstage (especially in community theatre!). I wish I had a photo to share of my theatre days, but they're all at Mom and Dad's house. We've got some doozies!
Anyway, the one thing I and so many other castmates dreaded was the final curtain call. It meant the end of our run, the family in the spotlight dispersing, the songs we'd rehearsed for months no longer being sung (unless in the shower, or your car, or endlessly to your real family who would roll their eyes and lament, "Not again!").

The end of the eventing season is a little like that final curtain call, except we can do it all again in the Spring (enter glimmer of hope!). In the meantime, we can plan our winter, set goals as the snow falls, and in my case, work on the things I can work on while the footing is good and my fingers haven't fallen off from frostbite.
Yesterday, I rode Zeus in his dressage gear, and despite the wind howling and the neighbors chain sawing their hearts out, Zeus felt the best he's felt all year. Round, soft and supple - I was envisioning dressage scores of 9's in our yard.

Today, boarder and student Evan and I ventured out on trail to enjoy the fall weather with glorious sunshine and the leaves crunching under the horse's hooves. We discovered a new trail that had perfect footing and clear pathways, and had some lovely trots and gallops in the fresh air, the horses kicking it into high gear and loving the freedom as much as we did.
Our competitive season hasn't ended yet - with two hunter paces to go (including one with EZ Dollar, remember him?), we've still got work to do and fitness to work on. But the euphoria during our trail ride today, and the unity felt during flatwork yesterday...there is no curtain call with horses.

Which reminds me - there are a ton of amazing horses available for adoption via CANTER New England. Our Suffolk Showcase is coming up soon, and there is a plethora of stunning, talented diamonds in the rough - just like Zeus, just like Dotpower. If you've ever wanted to bring a horse along and experience the rewarding loyalty that only OTTBs can's your chance. Go meet your next best friend. I dare you to make a difference.

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Suzanne said...

Amen Sistah! I can so relate to so much of this...