Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten Things We Love About Snoopy

I have been very delinquent in not officially introducing Snoopy to the blog. Snoopy is our newest resident at TMF, and he's been here since the end of June. Snoopy used to belong to the very genuine and talented Ann Leary, who trusted us with Snoopy's care and to find a new job and forever home for him. Ann has a new book coming out which we're very excited about, and I'll be sure to let you know so you can all run out and buy it.

Anyway, Snoopy was purchased by clients of mine, and it's been a match made in Heaven ever since. Snoopy loves his new career of trail riding and hunter pacing, and has made friends quickly with our horses. Instead of just telling you about him (how boring), I thought I'd give you a little peek inside the Life of Snoopy.
Ten Things We Love About Snoopy:
10: He's a beefcake. After riding mostly sprightly, lanky Thoroughbreds, popping on this guy is like getting on a couch with four legs and a tail.

9. Demolition. Snoopy thinks wooden boards are for mere mortal horses. See Exhibit A, the Sheep Pen. Good thing we don't have any sheep.
8. The Escape Artist. The very first day Snoopy was here, he decided it would be much more fun to hang out with everyone else than be in his own grass paddock while they got acquainted. We would look out the window and see him trotting gaily toward the others, completely baffled as how this hunk of horse managed to get out. There were no fence boards broken or moved. How?!

Well. Snoopy figured out how to jump into the Sheep Pen (this was before he demo'ed it) and would very neatly, jump out. And away he went. Luckily he was just going from one field to another, not one field to Complete Freedom or gallivanting down the road.

It was then that I knew he was athletic enough to handle gymnastic jump combinations.

7. Zen. Snoopy has a canter like few other horses I've ridden. It's like music. It's smooth, it's fluid, and you realize how majestic this horse is.
6. Helpfulness. Every night at night check, I go into Snoopy's stall and clean it so he has a clean bed of shavings to lay down in. Snoopy likes to help by grabbing the pitchfork handle with his teeth and waving it around in the air. Which just results in making me giggle, and then it's open season for him to noodle at my coat pocket filled with goodnight carrots.

5. Big Lips! Snoopy's got the biggest lips in the barn, probably the biggest lips in Wingdale. He takes carrots and treats with such gusto, you can't help but pretend he's talking to you with those luscious lips.
4. The view. Snoopy is always careful with his rider, whether the footing is questionable or the weather is bad (which it has been, all season). He is sure and steady, and has given Zeus confidence as a trail partner countless times. And how can you resist those fuzzy ears?
3. He plays nice. Snoopy is the boss of Siggy and Topaz, while he lets Zeus reign the herd. However, Snoopy is not an "Off with his head!" kind of manager, he says please and thank you when he's directing traffic. And he tolerates Topaz' Madonna impressions.

2. He's got hops! Snoop is a really good jumper despite his beefcake status. He loves the solid cross country fences, and the harder a jump combination is, the more he seems to like it.
And the Number One Thing We Love About Snoopy...
He sees the world with a kind eye and an honest heart. We should all try and be a little more like Snoopy.


ReaganB said...

Snoopy sounds a WHOLE lot like my little horse, Romeo! He is SO cute, you did a good job on him.

ps totally didn't know you had a blog! I really like it!!


renee breit said...

Hello Snoopy! Nice to "meet" you. :) You sound like a wonderful boy.
Have a great day. Renee

Cynthia D said...

Oh Kace,
How I have missed you, and your take on animals. I love this piece on Snoopy! You see through to the heart of animals, and that, is a rare talent. I'm hoping to see you soon. Love to Matt, the "children, including Snoopy", but especially you!
Love you,

Arliss said...

Awwww ... what a wonderful Top Ten list! Love this.

Especially Number One -- so beautifully said: "He sees the world with a kind eye and an honest heart." Wow. Indeed, what's better than that?

Love the "lips" picture, too!

I can't wait to meet him. :-)

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun. Getting to know Snoopy. He is a beefy guy, who knew he could like jumping around.