Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two-Time Reject

Have I mentioned how awesome Zeus is?

Maybe once or twice.

I titled this post "Two Time Reject" because he was rejected in racing, then he wasn't chosen at the Suffolk Showcase in 2009. Their loss was my gain. The annual Suffolk Showcase for the horses that need to find homes this year is this Sunday, October 23rd.

Zeus is building quite a following, and one of his fans is the ridiculously talented Susan Salk, who writes Off-Track Thoroughbreds.

Click on this link.

A huge heartfelt thank you to Sue for continuing to share this journey with us, and giving some press to my two very special girls Dotpower and Dewamere! If you like what you read, go visit it regularly or subscribe, as not only is it all about success stories of OTTBs, it also features really useful, helpful articles on health and nutrition.

I love my horse. Amen!


samihob said...

Great blog - why not come and post it at a new central Equine Blogging Network for more to follow! said...

Thank you!
And, I understand we'll be doing a little more on Dotpower. :)