Friday, November 18, 2011

Dewamere's Debut

Heart is her middle name.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to work with a little mare named Dewamere, who is for adoption through CANTER New England. She's 15.1 and petite, but her heart and open mind gives her a larger than life personality.

I'd spent some quality time with this little lady before, but this was the first time I saddled her up to see what I really had to work with. You see, Dewamere is actually blind in one eye. In visits past, she seemed to be acclimating to her eyesight (a somewhat recent development), and therefore, a bit mistrusting and unsure of what she couldn't see.
This visit was different. She was peaceful. She was happy to have people working on either side of her, grooming her and lavishing her with attention. Aside from the occasional glance around, she was quiet and happy to be groomed and tacked up.

Then it was time to ride!

Under saddle, you'd have no idea she's blind in one eye. This was the first time anyone had been on her back since she left the racetrack, so it's a total surprise what you're going to get.

And what a delightful surprise it was! She was quiet, reaching for the bit in some instances, and happy to do whatever I asked. She stepped (and then jumped!) over a groundpole with ease, making me think she could also have a career that involves some jumping.
And her gaits. Oh, her gaits are fabulous. Smooth and buttery sweet, she can have an animated, forward trot or an ambling jog, perfect for that pleasure trail ride. Her canter is a rolling, rhythmic ride, and for a horse who hasn't been ridden in a long time, she's shockingly balanced and even in both directions.

But don't let me continue to wax poetic about her. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but perhaps you can see her potential yourself in the video below. I have grown so fond of this little mare. She's a sweet, kind-hearted creature who has all the talent and possibility in the world. What a gift it would be for someone to love her.


Anonymous said...

Kace, Dewamere is a gorgeous color! What a sweetheart. I'm afraid to ask, but how did she lose the vision in the one eye? -Cat

Anonymous said...

Hi KC. What a beautiful horse, and you are such a natural with horses. Admire your ability, and the fondness you show for all your horses is so evident. I love your blog. Ramona from calgary

KC said...

Cat, no idea why she has the blind eye, but it happened before she left the track - that's all we know.

Ramona, HI! And thank you! Your comment totally made my weekend, you have no idea the warm fuzzies I got over it. Hopefully we'll continue to warm hearts, raise awareness and occasionally make you laugh. :)

Lily said...

Hi KC!

I personally agree with Ramona; your ability and love for horses is so obvious. It is sad that Dew is blind in one eye, but I wanted to ask if she was still available for adoption. She seems smooth and sound, but when you said she might be a jumper, that really won me over. Let me know! -- Lily

KC said...

Lily, hope you get this - Dew is still available and she's such a gem! Contact me directly thought my website ( if you'd like to discuss further, and you can also always contact CANTER New England directly. Thanks for taking the time to reach out! -KC

Lily said...


Thanks for the reply! I am definitely looking into Dew, but one last question; would she be OK with an intermediate - beginner advanced, teenager? One of the riders at my bard has been looking into a horse recently...

Thank you! -- Lily