Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Animal Guardians

I'm determined not to make this blog into a pregnancy/ baby blog. Mostly because I know I have a decent amount of male readers (you know who you are!) and kidless adults who would probably boycott this little place, and I can't blame them.

This blog is about our life, our animals and the happenings out here at TMF. While kids will become a part of it, the animals are the reason we're here, under this roof, on this land.

But, both Matt and I have noticed a most interesting phenomenon since I've become pregnant that we find fascinating, lovely and incredible. I can easily say that some of our animals knew I was expecting before I did.
Can I get you anything?

Topaz was the biggest indicator, being the matriarch of the family - she would snuffle at my stomach and blow on it, as if to say, "What's cooking in there?" She would also aim her nips and snaps of her teeth at places away from my stomach, or just in the air when I was grooming her or if her hay wasn't arriving in her stall quickly enough.
Who needs a pregnancy test when you have Topaz?

Monster the cat was next, and has remained the Baby Bump Guardian. The moment I'm seated somewhere - anywhere - Monster is in my lap, or if my lap is occupied, he's as close as he can get to my lap. He liked me before, but now, it's hard to enter a room without Monster hot on my heels. I'm curious to see how he'll react when the baby arrives - will he appoint himself Baby Guardian?
This laptop gets in the way, but don't worry Mom, I'll get as close to you as I can.

Zeus used to give me playful nudges in the stomach when I would groom or just fuss with him. On his own, he began nudging my arm instead of my stomach. He's also steady and quiet when under saddle, as if he knows he's carrying some cargo other than me. If that isn't a testament to an OTTB, I don't know what is!
So far, he doesn't mind the fact that I'm not as svelte as I was a few weeks ago.

I can easily say that the four-legged children have made this journey so much more fun with their intuition, careful treatment and wise eyes.
Seriously. Move the laptop.


offtrackthoroughbreds.com said...

This is amazing and wonderful, and I believe it completely. I think animals sense things!
Also, speaking for the childless reader, I think lots of us would find even more to love about your site, if you included a perspective on children.
Congratulations to you and to your family!!

Arliss said...

It is SO cool that the animals knew something special is going on. That's really wonderful. And dear Topaz of course I find so touching most of all. :)

And: "Seriously. Move the laptop"... hilarious!!


Unknown said...

Animals just know! I had a hormonal meltdown the other day...tears a-flowin'...and both cats kept "checking on me." It was so sweet! And, KC, speaking as another childless blogger, I welcome any and all pregnancy/child related stories!

Katie Murphy Eventing said...

Very cool - you have an entire support group surrounding you! A friend noticed the same thing, except her horse kept a safe distance from her and seemed a bit weary. I don't think we give animals enough credit - they seem to know many things before we do. Great blog!