Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter 2011-2012 Fun

This has been a very odd winter. Earlier this week, it was 60 degrees. Tonight, it will be 22 degrees. I'm not complaining - though I do wish it would snow on occasion, so the horses could roll in it and perhaps get the mud off their blankets and sheets, but all things being equal we've been relatively lucky this year.

It's not over yet.

Still, it's always nice to count your blessings, right? Like all the fun things we've gotten to do this winter. I've actually gotten to ride far more than I did last year which is a biggie!

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the activities that have taken priority this year.

Top 10 Activities for 2011-2012 Winter:

10. Having the ability to use the hose several days in a row and not having to lug water buckets from the house.
9. Using wagon that is at least 35 years old to lug aforementioned water buckets when it is too cold to use the hose. Yes, it is a Radio Flyer.
8. Take blankets off, put sheets on.
7. Take sheets off, put blankets on.
6. Take blankets off. Repeat steps 8-6.
5. De-mud horses (and blankets, and sheets) after numerous romps and rolls in the mud.
4. Serve Zeus warm water from special green bucket at night check (this one is Matt's fault).
3. Go inside and bake something, usually involving chocolate. Eat a majority of baked goods, because, well, it's here, and so am I.
2. Plan plan plan. I may not be able to event for the first half of the season, but that doesn't mean I'm slowing down on my competitive plans and goals! This means staying involved in Area I, reading as much as I can when I can't ride, and being as prepared as possible for post-baby, so I can be back in the saddle ASAP. Sooo, I guess that means I should put down the baked goods.
1. Watching these goofballs begin a daily afternoon ritual of face tag just makes my day.


amanda said...

The weather has been pretty great here too! And I've been eating chocolate rather obsessively... Hmm, I want some now!

Suzanne said...

Fabulous... I love the blanket dance... Maybe there won't be any spring sillies this year!

Arliss said...

Love the "Top Ten" list! (Especially the baking part, LOL!)

And how precious are those boys with their game of halter tag? SO cute.