Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's been a lovely few weeks here at TMF. The grass is beginning to crop up, iris and lilies are peeking through the ground, and the animals are enjoying the weather as much as we are.

While I'm entering the last trimester of pregnancy, work around here still has to be done. Luckily, I'm feeling great and have a bevy of helpers.

Sort of.
Mojo finds nothing wrong with a cat nap on the outdoor furniture. As I'm wandering by with wheelbarrows and pitchforks, he has the decency to open one eyeball to acknowledge me and say, "Good work, Mom!"
Then comes the wrapping and packing of standing wraps - the wraps that go on Zeus' legs after a tough event, pace, gallop or XC school. They made a perfect perch for Whimsy, who had no interest in helping me roll them up and put them in their designated bag. Nevermind the fact that I'm just a little bit sad over the fact that these wraps won't see the light of day again until August, at best! *wah*
You know it's spring when Zeus is at the fenceline in the afternoons, gazing longingly at the house and nickering when we come out. "Time for me to mow the lawn!" I swear he thinks he can use his sheer willpower to coax us out of the house to open the gate and let him graze. Yes, I'm a sucker.
Matt's mom brought us a beautiful bassinet that has been in their family for a long time, and our little one will get to enjoy it too. We went out to feed one morning, came back, and someone else decided it was the perfect spot for a morning nap. Monster gives new meaning to the word babysitting....and we'll be making sure he does not actually sit on the baby when she gets here!

Ahh, spring. Time to toss some more grass seed out there and hope the wind doesn't take it to the next town over!

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