Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making Waves

 Say hello to Splish Splash!
Scoping out his new digs
Splash is a new horse here at TMF....he is a client's horse and has been quite the gentle giant. At 16.3 hands, he's a decent piece of beefcake. Splash is an event and hunt horse, and in his new life here he'll get to enjoy lots of hunter pacing and events, but of course!

We have been busy over the past few months expanding the barns so we could make room for him. That's another reason why you haven't heard from me! (In all honesty, Matt did most of the work and I am SO proud of his ingenuity and skills! Give him a high five the next time you see him.)

Topaz is delighted that there is yet another man on campus, just for her to admire. Splash isn't interested, he'd rather be one of the guys. While Snoopy is none too pleased about this new guy in town, there is one guy who has been a rock star.

Can I just wax poetic about our beloved Siggy for a moment?
"Are you talking about me?"
Not only has he carried many riders safely and stood quietly for children to groom him (because Topaz would rather eat the children than be groomed by them), but he is our resident babysitter and buddy for a newbie like Splash. On Splash's second day here, we put him out with Siggy while he got acquainted with everyone else over the fence. He and Sig greeted each other politely and have become fast friends, much to our delight.

In return, Sig's gotten extra carrots and is currently basking in his stardom. As everyone gets settled into the new herd dynamic, we take it one day at a time. So far, so good.

And in the meantime, Siggy will accept gifts and respond to his fan mail when he's done signing autographs in the barn.


Unknown said...

Well done Siggy!

Alan said...

Thanks for shining the TMF spotlight on the awesome Siggy. He's my equine hero!

Suzanne said...

Do tell us Splash's breeding... you know I have a fondness for all things spotted!