Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Snake in the Grass....or....Garage

My grandmother Nana (my mother's mother) had a phrase she used often to describe a sneaky person. I can hear her now (usually directed at my brother or me), "Youuuu snake in the grass!"

That was right up there with her other favorite, "Oh, for crying in the sink!"

On Memorial Day, there was a yelp from the basement. It was Matt, who said, "Mojo has caught the biggest mouse I've ever seen!"

Turns out it wasn't a mouse, it was a baby bunny that managed to squeeze between some winter horse blankets and was stunned, but ok. I picked him up and took him out to hop away and enjoy the rest of his life. You're welcome, bunny.

You'd think I would have taken some photos because he was so darn cute and cuddly and I half considered asking Matt if we could keep him.

Yesterday, I'm washing dishes and happen to see what I think might be a hose on our garage roof. And then the hose moved. Actually, it slithered.

This thing had to be approximately 5 to 6 feet long. This is a rat snake, a non-venomous (but yes, biting) snake that is native to our area, though not terribly often seen, from what I'm told.

And then being intrigued (or stupid) I wandered closer to get a better look. And it decided to look right back at me. Eeek!

Rat snakes are actually great reptiles to have around because they eat - you guessed it - rats, mice and other vermin we otherwise don't really want around. In summers past, we had another rat snake we called Slinky, who would sun himself on the rocks near the stream in the field. Slinky decided life wasn't worth living anymore and got himself hung up in my blueberry bush netting last fall, where he passed away (after several days of us hoping he'd free himself because he was HUGE and we weren't about to try and extricate him).

Evidently word got out that TMF was looking for a new resident snake, and thus, Sally Slithers moved into town. And has decided the garage roof is a lovely vantage/ tanning point. You're smarter than me if you can figure out how she got up there.

I'm fond of all animals, especially ones that have a purpose, but keep your distance, Sally Slithers. There's no room at the inn for a snake in the house.

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Bif said...

I rescued a black snake from netting at my horse's barn a few summers ago... Poor thing had been trapped a couple days before I found out about him. NOT as large as you made Slinky sound!! I snipped all the netting to free him leaving the head area for last ;-)

I think due to the time spent in there, he was less than at his best, but he was gone after taking a minute or two to regain his bearings. Black rat snakes are supposed to be good luck, Hopefully Sally keeps all of her "work" outside.