Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, once again it's been ages since I've blogged. How has it been going around here with Lyra and the horses, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

It's insane. But totally awesome. I'm tired at the end of every day, but it's a good kind of tired.

Adding a baby to a busy farm has required a few adjustments around here. When Matt's working, Lyra's awake and I have to feed the horses, we have to form a baby - mom - grain convoy.
Egads, pay no attention to the outfit! Keepin' it classy.

It's a good thing I can pilot a baby and buckets of grain with one hand the ancient Radio Flyer wagon!
Then, before she was sleeping through the night (yes, she was doing her nights at around 2 months, I am so proud of this little gem), on occasion she'd have to come to the barn to do night check with us.
The Manly Bjorn! This thing rocks! She's actually in front of me hanging out in it while I type this entry...!
While it takes a lot longer to get things done when she's in tow, at the heart of the matter...well, she is the heart of the matter. How can she not be?

Back to horsey things. Zeus and I completed our first competition of the year yesterday, a hunter pace with Splash and his owner. What a blast! There were lots of tricky jumps on course, and Zeus stormed over them all - including an upturned boat, water crossings and giant rolled hay bales. We compete over the next few weekends before calling it a season.

Zeus schooling at the park - obviously overachieving. And then runs like a lunatic afterward. Hello, where are the brakes on this thing??
Lyra didn't come to the pace this weekend, but for the next 3 weekends she's got dates at shows and events, and a whole cavalcade of people to fawn over her. Zeus will have to get used to sharing the limelight!


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Suzanne said...

Thanks... love the baby pics! Missed you here!

JayZ said...

Sleeping through the night at 2 months?! Oh man, I hope the 2nd kid does that, LOL! She is so adorable! The picture of you pushing the stroller and pulling the wagon sums up motherhood always need more arms than you have!

Arliss said...

Awwww!! She is beautiful and adorable! LOVE all the pics. The baby-mom-grain convoy is hysterical. You rock! And dear Zeus, love the "overachieving" shot. So much jump in him! So glad to hear all is well, think of you and your little family often. We need to come out again sometime soon. Good luck at the upcoming events! xoxo

Sapphire said...

Now that is some multi-tasking! xo