Monday, October 29, 2012

A Siren's Snack

There's a smart, cunning female that lives at the farm. She's blonde and has a voracious appetite.

Topaz is a pretty smart girl too! (Yuk yuk yuk)

She's begun a new nightly ritual. Our larger horses get some extra food at night check since they get a larger volume of grain. Topaz is not happy with the fact that they get a third meal of grain at 10 PM and she doesn't, so she's figured out a way to get some of her own. You see, she discovered that if she antagonizes Zeus - squeals, runs her teeth along the stall bars and bucks in place (pony temper tantrum) Zeus retaliates, usually with a mouth full of grain. And after that...well, you'll see.

Oh, us girls. The things we'll do for good food. Speaking of, I'm off to have some chocolate. At least I don't have to run my teeth along steel bars....right?