Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In Fine Art Form

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of lunching with a new friend, Carol Brightman Johnson. Carol is a kindred animal lover, horse owner, and a funny, witty, talented lady. She invited Lyra and I over to Marty's Cafe in Washington, CT, to see her latest art show - benefiting the Steep Rock Association. Steep Rock was the inspiration for many of her paintings in the show, and I got the chance to see them in person, and get to know this lovely lady a little better.

 Carol greeted us with a giant smile and warm hug, and she immediately spent some time talking to Lyra, who was fascinated with this new person! Lyra really enjoyed taking in the new surroundings....until the cappuccino machine started sputtering. That was not a popular drink choice, in her opinion.
I immediately asked Carol to give me the grand tour, and we went around to look at all of her beautiful work. What struck me with each painting was the sense of familiarity and warmth every piece evoked, and the attention to detail. Each leaf, fence post or tree branch was accounted for and seemed to tell part of a story.
My favorite - "An Evening in Autumn"
I loved that the paintings with people or animals had a breath of life to them - the animals had personalities and the people had a glimmer of mischief or propriety in their eyes, depending on who they were and what they were thinking at the time.

She also had beautiful florals, with bright and lively petals and earthy greens and browns pulling it all together. I almost wanted to reach out and touch the texture of the painting, but held myself back!
"Garden Divas" - a special kind of tulip
We had such a good time chatting over lunch, and Lyra decided to doze off so I could eat with one hand...until the cappuccino machine struck again! But while we were there, another couple sitting near us kept asking about one of the paintings over our heads. Then they'd murmur to each other, and practically lean onto our table to examine it again.
"Let's Go Tubing" - SOLD!
It was sold within a matter of moments!

If you have the chance, I highly encourage you to head over to Marty's in Washington Depot, CT - you won't be sorry. It's a lovely exhibit and who knows? You just might be enjoying some coffee and a croissant next to the accomplished artist herself.


Carol said...

KC, The pleasure was all mine!
What a treat to lunch with you and Lyra.
Thanks for the kind review, and I hope you, Lyra and your animals will model for me this spring.
We'll def have to make another lunch date with your well behaved little one.

BeBe said...

Very talented indeed. Love the cows, and the tubing also.