Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Out of the Fog

It goes without saying that we all have been affected by the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT. For me, it was too close to home - literally. My mom and dad's house is a few short miles away, mere minutes. The town of Newtown and the hamlet of Sandy Hook is lovely - friendly, warm and the last place you would imagine such horrors happening. It was, really, the last place on Earth that a tragedy of this magnitude would happen. But it did.

The Sandy Hook area was a place I frequented - diners, barns, shops and restaurants. Matt and I had breakfast in Sandy Hook the morning after our wedding, discussing our upcoming honeymoon and blissfully recounting the events of our wedding day.

I have friends who have children that attend Sandy Hook Elementary and are fine, thank goodness. I have friends who lost family members and friends last Friday. There are too many connections, too many lost.

I heard about it on the radio, on my way to the doctor for Lyra, who had a little bug and I wanted to make sure all was well. Once we were home, I just held on to her all day, and didn't want to let her go at night. I get it now. I hurt for the children, but especially for the parents who now have to live their lives without their own babies.
The face I kiss at least a hundred times a day.
As we all try to get back to some sense of normalcy (though this will stay with me for the rest of my life), there are moments of pure love all around. A farm near Sandy Hook that I began my competitive riding career at offered free pony rides, hugs from the horses, and horseshoe painting for anyone who needed to find comfort. Golden Retrievers have been walking the streets of town, graciously letting anyone cuddle and pat them, giving off a calming feeling. And everywhere around, people are undertaking 26 Acts of Kindness to honor those bright lives that were extinguished far too soon. Matt and I talked about it, and we'd also like to take part in making the lives of others just a little bit better.

Won't you join us?

If you'd like to help in other ways, please head over to my friend Ann Leary's blog. She posted some wonderful information about ways to give to the families and those directly affected by the tragedy.

I think if we all come together, we can make some light from this horrible, horrible darkness that has overcome our community.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, KC. Well said.

BeBe said...

I am so sorry for your friends losses...just unspeakable what has happened.