Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I am very lucky indeed to have some lovely ladies in my life who I consider to be close girlfriends. These are women I can tell anything to, who will tell me like it is, and will love me anyway if I disagree with them. Friends like that are few and far between.

One of those friends had a baby a few months ago - a pretty little thing named Hazel. Hazel was born in late October, so she's a few months younger than Lyra. Still, the little ladies had a nice time meeting each other and hopefully, will enjoy growing up together! Maybe they'll be girlfriends when they grow up, like Hazel's mom Liz and I are.

I only recently learned that when you put two babies in a space together, hilarity ensues. Lyra and Hazel met the day after Christmas. I think Lyra imagined Hazel was a new present.

*All pictures approved by Hazel's mom, Liz, and used with permission*

"Who are you?"
"Seriously. Who ARE you?" (Hazel decides to do the Robot.)

"Hey Mom, look at my new friend!"
Total cuteness. Speaking of, I've got to go get my bundle of cuteness who is refusing to nap today. At least she let me ride...sans stirrups. Stay tuned for my stirrup-less blog, or self-imposed torture, however you want to look at it!

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