Friday, August 5, 2011

Dotpower = Star Power

This week has been a week of change for me, but also a week of opportunity. The horse world is a small world, but it can also be a place of support and joy with some wonderful people and of course, the wonderful horses themselves!

A few weeks ago, CANTER New England contacted me about training some horses they had taken in and fostered after the racing season was over last year. I was delighted and honored that they contacted me, as I have the greatest respect for this organization - what you see is what you get. They're knowledgeable, experienced and are purely there for the horses. There's an open line of communication with not only future adopters, but with people who adopted CANTER horses years ago. I had a fantastic adoption experience with them myself - my beloved Zeus came from CANTER, and he's proven to be the horse of a lifetime.

This week, I worked with two mares, both of which are up for adoption. These lovely girls are named Dotpower and Dewamere, and they are absolute dolls. I can't tell you how much these horses touched my heart, as well as friend Carla and Nonnewaug Agri-Science student Summer, who came along for the day to lend a hand and get an OTTB experience.

I'll chat about Dewamere in another post, but for today, I'll let you enjoy Dotpower. She's a petite 15.2 hands but with all the potential in the world. The below video was from our visit, and I think it should be noted that she did all of the things I asked of her without hesitation. This was the first time she had a saddle and rider on her back since she left the track in November 2010.


She is a star in the making. Don't you just love her?

ETA: Dot does go to the right, but I couldn't seem to get that footage into the video! This was my first time using video editing software, and I'm still a bit clumsy with it. The next time, expect pyrotechnics and all sorts of whiz-bang-boom special effects. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the video! Great job. And Dotpower is so lovely. -Cat

Anonymous said...

Hi is she still for sale? She's so lovely!!!

jane kehoe said...

She is beautiful and i am looking to adopt a horse and she seems perfect!! She looks wonderful and i love the idea of adopting a horse.